Every campaign needs volunteers.


There are lots of opportunities to volunteer. I am wanting to be a Victoria City Councillor to make improvements to our City. I have never been involved in politics before. I would appreciate your help.

Every campaign needs volunteers.

Volunteering to help elect me to City Council will be appreciated. I am wanting to improve the City of Victoria for its Residents and it’s Business owner. Campaigning for the October 20 municipal election will require assistance from friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your interest in joining my team! I look forward to meeting you.

What would you like to help with?

Display a campaign sign on my yard
Delivery and/or placement of lawn signs
Make telephone calls
Administrative work
Door to door canvassing
Election Day volunteer

Click on this link to https://www.newcouncil.ca/volunteer  .

You will be able to easily volunteer on the NewCouncil.ca site