It cost the taxpayers over $2 million to remediate the tent city site on Quadra Street, money that could have been targeted at the root of the problem, chronic poverty and homelessness. We need laws to prevent a recurrence of that disaster, but we also need programs aimed at giving our less fortunate residents a chance to break the cycle and become contributing members of the city.

“The Ministry of Citizens’ Services says $2.2 million was spent to manage, clean up and remediate the tent city site, which was closed a year ago. A confidential document leaked to the Times Colonist this week says that close to $800,000 was spent on legal costs.”

Tent cities and sleeping in doorways are completely inadequate forms of shelter. They put people without a home at risk in an environment that is unhealthy, unsafe and does nothing to provide this community with the support it desperately needs.

Langford Mayor Young and Saanich Mayor Atwell dealing with tent cities in their municipalities said we need to step up and do more. Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, said on CFAX September 21 “Both Mayors are correct – this is a problem that has been allowed to grow for over a decade”
Our current Mayor and Council have not been effective in getting other layers of government to address this issue.
With a new Mayor and New Council I will get the CRD, VIHA, Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions, Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and the Federal Government to provide the beds needed. Current Mayor and Council have been ineffective in addressing this issue.