I am campaigning for Victoria City Council under the NewCouncil.ca umbrella. This is an electoral organization. An inclusive group of citizens mobilizing to elect a responsive and competent Victoria City Council.

When I am elected, we will not be voting as a block. My opinions matter. Your opinions matter.

NewCouncil.ca vision is a City Council that:
is qualified, with real-life experience and a fresh outlook;
embraces thoughtful and respectful debate;
ensures that the interests of all Victoria citizens are considered;
makes decisions based on clear objectives, broad community input, best practices, and solid evidence;
runs the city with a focus on core services;
is committed to fiscal responsibility, and respects every taxpayer dollar;
is transparent and democratic.

NewCouncil.ca vision is a Victoria that is safe, clean and inviting for residents and visitors, with:
an appropriate stock of housing that addresses the needs of existing neighbourhoods;
social housing that is safe, responsible and respectful of existing neighbourhoods;
fair and even enforcement of laws and bylaws;
a transportation plan that recognizes all forms of mobility, and that automobiles are still a fundamental form of transportation of both goods and people.

NewCouncil.ca candidates have been carefully selected to represent Victoria. Each candidate:
is committed to balanced representation of interests; putting Victoria’s citizens ahead of special interest groups;
has integrity in actions and is committed to transparency regarding relationships that might cause conflicts of interest;
is open to new ideas and thinks critically;
accepts constructive criticism;
is committed to a non-partisan approach to decision making for Victoria regardless of personal alignment with provincial and federal political parties;
has a record of community involvement and personal contribution to improving Victoria;
has the financial competence to oversee and make informed decisions on behalf of the electorate;
understands the role of municipal government and its relationship to provincial and federal governments;
has broad practical experience and proven competence in major decision-making;
is articulate and electable.