A Contribution to my Campaign is appreciated

Elections BC ( a non – partisan office of the Legislature) administers campaign financing and advertising rules for local elections and assent voting in B.C. under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.

  • All donations must be accompanied by the mailing address of donors.
  • Legislation also indicates a maximum donation of $1200.00.
  • Only residents of BC may donate.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Corporations, unions etc. may not donate
  • Donations are NOT tax deductible.
  • Anonymous contributions of $50 or less are allowed.
  • Significant contributors are eligible individuals who make campaign contributions of $100 or more to the same candidate.
  • The names of donors contributing $100 or more will be reported publicly following the election. Supporters often choose to donate $99; names of these donors are not published.
  • Maximum contribution per candidate campaign is $1,200.
  • Elections BC will redact residential addresses of contributors prior to publishing disclosure statements.

CHEQUE – make cheques payable to “Gary Alberts Election Campaign” call me 250.532.0800 to arrange pick up

CREDIT CARD – Click on this link to pay by credit card https://www.newcouncil.ca/donations .
You will be able to easily donate on the NewCouncil.ca site