There are 86,000 residents of Victoria, plus 6,200 businesses in the City – their voices need to be heard. Politicians should represent all of them, not just specific groups.

Since the 2011 election, (when Mayor Helps and most of the present councillors were elected) inflation has risen 9.3% in seven years.
City property taxes have increased during those seven years a whopping 22.4% on average (2½ times the rate of inflation!)

With a new Mayor and New Council I will ask the Office of the Auditor General for Local Government to do an independent audit of the Johnson Street Bridge before another thing is done with the massive capital project of the Crystal Pool. An audit is necesary to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes yet again.

New Crystal Pool: maybe it’ll cost $90 million, not $70 million

Times Colonist September 11,2018 “Everybody has a different number. Mayor and council talk about a $70-million pool budget. The administration talks about as much as $80 million. The Grumpy Taxpayer group figure it’s probably closer to $90 million,” Bartlett said. He pointed to what he believes are omissions in estimates for millions of dollars in costs for items such as a project manager, construction contingency, consultants’ fees, not to mention the potential for millions for underground parking if that’s approved.

With a new Mayor and New Council I will also ensure all options are given equal importance for building a new pool, refurbishing the existing one, or even creating a recreation centre and community centre with the Curling Club across the street. I’d like to hear all options instead of forging ahead with a select group calling the shots. And I will assure the residents near Central Park that we will have a plan for the park space.